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Jun 20 2011

On The Things I Learned From Sports, Vol. 1

“Hope is not a strategy.” This was one of my Coach’s favorite things to say.  To preface- my Coach probably has a very high-functioning form of OCD.  Her attention to detail and her perfectionism are both scary and impressive. She did more thorough scouting reports (I kid you not, our average scouting report was 4…

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Jun 15 2011

On Drinking the Kool-Aid

One of the great things about keeping a blog or really any kind of journal is that I can give myself a pep-talk but disguise it  “social-networking” or “self-expression.”  Here’s today’s pep-talk… err I mean blog post. Throughout induction and institute, my peers and I have had a running joke about who is and who…

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Jun 09 2011

On Torn ACLs and the Achievement Gap

During Regional Induction, I played basketball.  It was just a pick-up game on a blacktop court between random strangers.  No NBA all-stars here, no jumbo-tron, not even a decent backboard.  And as for myself, I played terribly: I am not underestimating when I say made one shot the whole game. At first glance there doesn’t…

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Jun 09 2011

On Starting a Blog

One day, I will write a biographical post that includes a heartfelt message about why I joined the corps, an explanation of why I decided to blog about my experience, and the kind of content you can expect from me… but the first Wednesday of Institute is not that day.

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