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Dec 14 2011

How do you spell fired up?

I know I haven’t posted in a long time.  And there are only two days left of school for the year. And I leave the country in 3 days. And I haven’t packed. Or finished grading. I know there are a lot of good reasons why this probably isn’t the best time for me to be blogging… But sometimes you just gotta rant.
I read that “If I were a poor black kid” opinion piece on Forbes a few days ago. I half regret even putting a link to the article for author Gene Marks to keep strumming up more hits (and $) but if you’re a CM like me or even just a potential CM and you’re looking for something to get you fired up again about what we’re doing and why it might be worth a read.  Other than that the only possible value I can see someone…

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Oct 18 2011

Rainbow… DOUBLE rainbow

Okay, this one’s only a single rainbow, but either way you can thank the crazy GA weather for inspiring this uninspiring metaphor for teaching: So it’s like this: Teaching is exactly like this hastily taken photo of a rainbow I saw today leaving work. There’s a lot of rain, it’s cloudy, bleak outlook… and then…

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Sep 28 2011

First nine weeks…

Well, the first nine weeks are almost over, the first round of parent teacher conferences are coming up, I’m nowhere near where I want to be as a teacher, and I’m an even worse blogger.  In the interest of organization, I’ll start with the lows and then transition to the highs, but to be clear…

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Aug 14 2011

Week 1 of Kindergarten (SparkNotes Version)

Important accomplishments we made in the first week of Kindergarten: -No crying on the first day. One girl cried on T, W, and Th but by Friday she said she wasn’t scared and wasn’t going to cry anymore. -All students got onto their correct bus every day. -Learned rules for markers, glue sticks, and scissors.…

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So I realize I have hardly talked at all about my placement school, my classroom, etc.  Since most of the people who read this blog are my family, friends (whom I pay) (I pay them to be my friends, the blog they read voluntarily), or wierd cyberbots, I thought now might be a good time to start including…

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Aug 01 2011

Motivational Quote #1

If you know me in real-life and not the caricature of myself that is on the internet, you know that I am really big on motivational quotes.  I plan on posting some of my favorites on here as they are timely and appropriate to my own experiences and I need to remind myself of them. Anyhow, this is…

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I know I haven’t posted in a long time, so I’ll just go ahead and warn you that this is going to be a long post, even by my verbose standards. School starts in less than two weeks so it has been a crazy busy (but exciting!) time for me.  With that said though, I wanted to make…

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Jul 06 2011

on “meaningful learning for kids”

There are officially only 2 days left of institute! Our school’s official slogan throughout institute has been: “Meaningful learning for kids, empowered leadership for adults.”  In spite of all the efforts I make to be a positive polly, deep down inside of me lives a bitter, bitter cynic, a negative nancy who sometimes escapes to…

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Jul 06 2011

on being too open

Below is a post I typed up about a week ago but had forgotten to publish.  For the two people who actually read this blog- an update to this post is forthcoming… so in the words of the great lyricist Jesse McCartney, ‘don’t stress, don’t stress, don’t stress.’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfXpRn8uFL8&feature=related\”It\’s not your fault\” It probably seems…

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Jun 20 2011

On The Things I Learned From Sports, Vol. 1

“Hope is not a strategy.” This was one of my Coach’s favorite things to say.  To preface- my Coach probably has a very high-functioning form of OCD.  Her attention to detail and her perfectionism are both scary and impressive. She did more thorough scouting reports (I kid you not, our average scouting report was 4…

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